Why are the American People Willing to Accept Misogyny in the Case of Hillary Clinton while Racism is still a Taboo?

    1920 seems like a long time ago. It was, though, a special time for women as they gained their right to vote. In 2008 the American people have failed to give us--women--the equal rights we fought for and deserve. 

It is easy to discriminate against woman because we have failed to revolt against misogyny. As no woman leader before has ever run against a man for Oval Office, Hillary Clinton has to face the severe discrimination against woman and their capability. American people feel it's okay to bash woman with derogatory terms because no one will stand up against them. Well now is a time for change. We can vote and we be also be voted for.

It is by no means my intention to get you to vote for Hillary Clinton. In a democracy, people have--and should have--the right to choose their candidate. It is, though, my intention to force your awareness of the covert misogynism endemic in this culture.