"Iron My Shirt"

 Lest you think I exaggerate, consider that in a speech in New Hampshire, two protestors picked up a yellow sign saying “Iron my shirt” in which Hillary Clinton replied, “Obviously the remnants of sexism are alive and well”.

People get away with sexism more than racism as racist comments are coded that is why Hillary Clinton has been more in limelight with misogyny commentaries.Don't misunderstand me: I am in no way endorsing racist comments for Barack Obama. I am suggesting that we need to bring the same awareness and sensitivity to Hillary.

The real question is this: Is the United States ready for a woman leader? Is it possible that men are so insecure that they feel threatened to see that a woman can be the next leader of our country? I certainly hope not.  

Even though we believe that since the 60’s our country has progressed with equal rights for their citizens, women are given the right to vote but a woman is not given the equal right to stand up against a man to run for president. Hillary Clinton has strategically defended herself over and over again to all the sexist comments.

In America it's clear: overt sexism is much more acceptable than overt racism.

Sexist Heckler

Hillary Nutcracker

If you are still not convinced; lets take a look at images as proof of this hatred of woman in our culture. This product is marketed in the United States in order to make fun of Hillary Clinton and it is marketed as, "cracks toughest nuts with her stainless steel thighs” . Not only is Clinton targeted in public campaign with sexist remarks but also online. Clinton nutcrackers are made in order to make fun of her and to disrespect a political candidate. The marketing slogan has double meaning and it had made the females in Ohio outraged. This shows that woman in America can never fight with males in equal platform because misogyny is still prominent in the society. No other political candidate has been made fun of so much as Hillary Clinton has been because she is a woman and she wants to be a leader.

America once again accepts sexism in front of the world.


    Is it still hard to believe that how sexist this country has become. Take a look how Hillary Clinton is made fun because of her appearance. She is compared to KFC chicken. Has humans degraded so much as to compare a political leader, a woman, a person, to that of a chicken? Apparently yes. Clinton's wardrobe, figure, hairdo even her laugh have generated detailed and often unflattering commentary.
    No one talks about McCain’s physical attributes or Obama’s physical characteristics.  I am not saying they should make fun of McCain or Obama, I am just saying that making fun of Clinton because of physical attributes is unacceptable. Why Clinton then?
    The answer is because she is a woman and has the ability to run this country. Men are scared of female leaders because it shows that women are no longer incapable of anything. As females, we have the power to overcome every obstacle and Hillary Clinton running for president is one of the biggest examples. The focus on the clothes and the figure and the hairdo, not only are they not used with male candidates, they're used to trivialize Hillary Clinton. American people have adjusted themselves so much with the inequality among genders that American women have forgotten to speak up for equality. No woman deserves to be compared like this as said, ‘2 fat things, 2 small breasts and bunch of left wings’ because she is as capable as the other leaders.
    Hillary Clinton has to face so much sexism because American women has forgotten to speak up for equal rights and fight against misogyny as they are worried that they will no longer be accepted equally by men because they are feminist.

Hillary a Woman

    Even with so much sexism in this country like the KFC deal and the nutcracker, we have failed to see media giving appropriate coverage to those stood up for their beliefs to fight misogyny. It is easy for American people to accept all the evil deeds of sexist media because American people have gotten accustomed to adjusting themselves to misogyny. Males feel threatened by Hillary because she is the first woman to fight in order to be in Oval Office.
    In the cover of Spy magazine Hillary is portrayed as a male in a woman’s disguise. It seems like it is always easy to make fun of Hillary because she is a woman compared to that of Obama. American people feel that when a woman is trying to be a leader of the country she is incompetent and she is “just a woman”. Why are these phrases always negative "stop acting like a gurl", " u r such a sissy", "stop being a gurl" but "Be a man!" is always a positive connotation. American people stereotype women to be weak and fragile but Hilary has shown that she is as competent as the other leaders. The media portrays Clinton as taking over a ‘man’s job’ which is the president.

Not a Public Stunt

    If we--females--are being strong and fighting for equal rights we are a man in woman's disguise as portrayed by media in Hillary Clinton's case and if we start crying we are weak. Well, what should we do then?
    The media is so biased about Hillary Clinton that it turns independent voters away from Hillary. When Hillary teared up in New Hampshire the media focused and made a big deal of how it was a public stunt to get votes. They attacked her as a woman to portray American people how weak female are. But instead if it was Obama who would have done this the media would just say ‘oh he is just an emotional man'. In America subtle racism is much more dangerous than that of overt sexism because people believe sexism is less offensive than racism. Are woman not bound to equal rights? It seems it is always okay to make fun of woman but joking about racial issues is totally uncalled for. Not that I am preaching to go make racist comments rather to inform that sexism is still alive in this society even after more than eighty years.
    Men are scared of woman who demand equal rights as men because they always want to be the leader. Feminists scare men away because they claim for same rights as them so men prefer woman who likes to listen to them rather than speak their voice.

Obama love and Clinton hatret

Are you unable to believe that the media doesn't give equal coverage to all the candidates, Let me show you how this is true.
The time magazine put both of the democratic candidates in its cover page however, for Clinton it was “check one, love her or hate her” while for Obama it was ‘the next president”.  It seemed that the media has already named their next presidential candidate just based on gender rather than experience and capability. The media always seems to take pictures and videos of Clinton to portray a much more obvious element of surprise or "gotcha" in them. But for Obama they could have done the similar or posed tougher questions, but for whatever reason the media chose not to do so. Internal polls showed some groups of American voters were more likely to vote for an African-American man than a woman of any color.  Media is trying to portray a Obama-McCain race that now seems all but inevitable that team a white man and a black man together to overcome a woman.
All that is shows that even the media is willing to be sexist in order for Hillary to not be the president. American people are not taking any action to stop the media from its inequality among the democratic candidates. Sexism holds Clinton back in 08 elections. 
It is always seemed to have been easy to pick out on Clinton while any comments on Obama are termed as racist. But somehow sexism is still OK. We all know racism is endemic in this society, but people who would never dare to make a racist comment on purpose say sexist things all the time. We can't assume anymore that our fight is over till we gain equal rights as compared to men.

Satisfy America!!!

    Well our media is obviously biased and our men are also sexist. A man holds a poster saying, ‘she [Hillary Clinton] couldn’t satisfy her husband she won’t satisfy America”. A women’s ability to satisfy her husband in bed should never be compared to that of her capability to run for president. A man cheating on his wife should never be blamed on a woman and personal affairs should never be part of the elections. This shows how remnants of sexism is still alive in the 21st century.
    The photographer mentions that the man holding the poster was in Hollywood and its shocking how no one took away the poster for being sexist but if it was a racist comments against Obama, I am pretty sure someone would have torn his poster down for being racist then why not for being sexist? Our country has failed to move forward in giving their citizen equal rights. It seems always okay to be sexist and be able to get away with it that is why the American people have accepted misogyny in the case of Hillary Clinton.       Hillary faces the same problem many high-level women do, who finds that being aggressive and self-promoting leads both men and women to respond negatively to them, because they are trying for the same positions as men. An aggressive man is masculine; the more masculine you are, the better. For a woman, being too feminine, in a professional context, opens you up to the impression that you’re not serious/tough/aggressive enough, but being too serious, tough and aggressive may leave people uncomfortable that you’re really not feminine enough as in the case of Hillary Clinton. This is the main problem that lies with Clinton and the judgments that America makes because of her gender.